Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade on Social Media

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The illegal wildlife trade is being carried out to a great extent on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Signing this petition will help end illegal wildlife trafficking on Facebook, which is a primary outlet for crime these days. It will help change everyone's lives for the better by cutting funds off to criminals and terrorists, not to mention saving wildlife from extinction. It is not asking much of Facebook to comply with CITES and other international agreements on enforcing the laws concerning the illegal trade. The illegal wildlife trade is not only occurring in Asian countries, but it is spread worldwide, including the Americas, Europe and Africa. This is why controlling social media is crucial in ending the illegal wildlife trade.Why aren't corporations like Facebook held accountable for their guilt in allowing illegal trade to continue unabated? We, the source of all of their information and market research need to come together and demand that they take action to end the illegal activities on Facebook now! The CITES agreement and the IUCN are doing little to stop endangered species from becoming extinct. What they do is legalize the slaughter of endangered species by giving permits to the wealthy elite, so we can not rely on them to help end the problem. Please, take a minute to read, sign and share this petition everywhere.

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