Stop Forcing Transgender People to Use Their Dead name on Facebook

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Transgender Facebook users are being forced to use the name they no longer recognize as theirs. An important part of their transition and their overall mental well-being is being able to be called the name they have chosen for themselves. Forcing them to keep their Facebook profiles as their "dead name" is harmful to them in many ways, not the least of these is that it leads to depression due to not being recognized for who they truly are. 


Secondly, they should be able to change the gender on their Facebook profile to match the gender they identify as. A person shouldn't have to create an entirely new Facebook page in order to be themselves and risk that account being banned because it isn't their real name. 


Mr. Zuckerberg, you and your company claim to support the LGBTQ+ community. Rainbow Pride reacts are nice, but real support of our LGBTQ+ friends, family, and neighbors involves so much more. As a coparent of a Transgender child and as the friend of many in the Trans community, it is important to me to see my family being happy and confident in themselves and not depressed and hurting. 


Please consider allowing trans people to change their Facebook profiles to reflect their chosen names and their gender identity. This would be one more step to acceptance and would show them the support they need and deserve. 


Thank you.