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Put an End to Unjust Restrictions and "Facebook Jail"

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Facebook has gotten out of control in regards to randomly putting people in what they all call "Facebook Jail".   It seems as though they at any time can simply restrict people from posting, or can restrict honest sellers from selling their products, with no prior warning.  It also seems as though they feel as though they do not have to give any reasons as to why their users are being restricted.  Why's that?  Because everything is based on algorithms, it's all computerized, with no actual HUMAN input. Even though they offer an "Appeal" button if one happens to get restricted, no actual human being ever reads those appeals to make a decision on lifting that restriction.  In my opinion, Facebook makes plenty of money to be able to have actual human beings monitor what is being posted on Facebook when it comes to spam.  Facebook has offered online sellers and businesses the option of posting their items for sale in what they call "Sales Groups".  Then they began to offer a feature called "Post to More Groups".   And now, the reality of that new feature simply leads to Facebook picking up the same posts being posted in several places or "groups" and it is automatically flagged as spam behavior.  Another obvious problem and issue is that anyone can report a post as spam, simply because they may not "like" my post.   Therefore, other sellers could very easily see my posts and consider me to be their major competition and may report my post as spam...which leads me to being put in FB jail and therefore, I am out of the way, so to speak, for the week or so that I am restricted from posting.  I have been a seller on FB for over 4 years and it hasn't been until just in the last few months that all of a sudden I have been put on these restrictions.  I do not spam, I do not over post, I do not send numerous private messages to people, I do not copy and paste the same posts over and over again. I simply use the features that Facebook has offered.  So the reasons for me to be restricted are one of two things.  Either their post to more groups feature needs a major overhaul, or competitors are reporting my posts as spam.  Last month I had a post reported as spam.  I replied to FB telling them it wasn't spam.  They agreed and allowed the post to be posted.  Then, at the very same time I was put on restriction....Even though they agreed my post wasn't spam!  This needs to stop.  What Facebook does not realize is that putting people as myself on these restrictions is like taking away a week's paycheck.  I know of many, many other people that have experienced this same situation in the past, and are experiencing the same thing right now, and something needs to change.  Facebook has offered the small business owner, the entrepreneur, the tools they need to grow their business and yet at the same time they are prohibiting them from being successful. I find it strange that even at the exact same time that I was on restriction from posting anything for sale in any groups, including my OWN sales group,  that I get messages from FB to PAY for ads to promote my posts!! Take my money for ads but STOP me from posting???  I, myself, have reported inappropriate posts showing nudity, porn, and even child porn and have gotten messages back telling me that those posts do not go against Facebook Community Standards, and yet MY posts showing JEWELRY go against their "standards"?   I feel that Facebook needs to stop only using algorithms and start treating their users (and business sellers) as PEOPLE, not just bots.   There has GOT to be some sort of human reaction, human input, and actual human decisions being made, NOT just bots and algorithms.

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