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Keep the "thankful reaction" button on Facebook

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Its come to my attention that as of Monday the "thankful" reaction button will be removed from Facebook. Over the last few days the impact the thankful reaction has had on Facebook is noticeable and its real. The ability for people to express their thankfulness to people I think is very important. We can express our love, we can show that we find something funny, sad or that it makes us feel angry year round, but why only a few days of being able to show people that we are thankful? Thankful for the positive messages so many of us share. Thankful for the positive impacts people's words and images can have on us. Simply just thankful for certain people's presence on Facebook. In a day and age where cyber bullying is at an all time high and social media has more influence on our day to day lives than ever, showing our thanks, being able to react to people in a positive way is more important than ever. While for some this may seem silly, for a lot of people it matters. A simple like on something they post matters and can have lasting effects through a persons whole day, to know that their voice was heard and their messages they shared resonated with someone enough to hit like. I can only imagine the impact the extra step of showing someone you not only like what they have to say, you don't just like what they have to post, but that they are thankful for it can have on some people. Hopefully this petition can gain enough traction that you might see the impact something as simple as a button on Facebook can have on people's daily lives and you'll at the very least consider moving forward to keep it around.

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