End Illegal Wildlife Trade on Facebook

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How many times have you gone to your local pharmacy or chemist's and asked them for a monkey skull to cure you headache or tiger bone paste to relieve back pain? If you are like me, the answer is "Never!".

How about shopping online? Have you ever wanted to purchase some 100% pure dead cat bone paste or 48 hour cooked monkey? Well, if you have and you didn't find it, perhaps I can help you. Just click on these links and you can get it. What about illegal ivory or other dead tiger parts?

That's right, Facebook allows people to sell illegal items as long as they are not considered guns or illegal drugs. These profiles have been online for years and nothing has been done. It's time to make some serious changes.

If you don't believe it, click these links, see what you support by using Facebook.

These links are just from a couple seconds of searching. I'm sure I could find 1000 more if I took more time.

Please join me and sign this petition. If nothing is done, pledge to stop using Facebook by this same time next year.