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Don't tax my PERIODS!!

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As a daughter of India (hard to say that) it's my right to ask for removal of taxes from Sanitary Napkins. 80% of womens in our country does'nt use sanitary pads because they find it difficult for them to afford it. These accomodities is'nt an option but a necessity for each and every women. 

Sindoor, kajal, bindis and bangles are tax free as our government thinks that sindoor and bangles are more necessary for women then sanitary pads. 

GST on sanitary pads should become a point of contention with govt., activists and citizens accusing the government for neglecting the needs of women. The tax on Sanitary pads is 12% and tampons is 18%.

Menstruation is a natural and biological process for women. All women on an average menstruate from the age of 12-51. It is systematically discriminatary for women to be taxed for something as basic and necessary like sanitary products. Just like condoms are tax free in India on account of its recognition as a necessity to safegaurd health and life; so should sanitary napkins be exempt from tax.

So it's my humble request to the concerned authorities to look upon this issue and to do the needfull.

Thank you

Your Responsible Citizen

Anushka Vijayvergiya

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