Block/Ban All Spam Virgin Weave/Wig Profiles on Instagram

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As if it’s not enough that we have to constantly block links to bootlegs/pirated versions of popular movies on Facebook in our comment section, now we have to be vigilant on our Instagram pages as well. Every time I log into Instagram, I have to block at least 2 profiles that claim to sell virgin weaves and/or wigs. I have no hair so I’m confused as to why they are even following me. What algorithm is causing them to find me quicker than the Child Support office finds dead beats?? They all have the same terrible pics of sad bundles of weave and wigs with terrible block letters on the pictures advertising prices and info. I think the pictures are taken on flip phones. Most of the phone numbers in the “link in bio” section start with a plus sign. Bruh. The quality of the photos are terrible and all of the pages have almost the same exact pictures. In this day and age of technology, I am 110% sure that Facebook/Instagram to do a better job at fielding spam accounts. If they have time to take down all of Safaree’s photos where he is fully clothed (but clearly working with a monster), then they can certainly purge the Instagram platform of these accounts. They are suspicious and annoying. Every time I get hype and think my folllower count has went up, my hopes and dreams are immediately shattered when I see the profile pic of a lone bundle of weave with the profile name virginhair1234453. 

My block list is long and my patience is wearing thin. Facebook/Instagram must do better and rid their platforms of this mess.

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