Discrimination Against Citizens (British) of Ethnic Minority (Nepalese Descendents)

Discrimination Against Citizens (British) of Ethnic Minority (Nepalese Descendents)

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Tsewang Bhotia started this petition to Mark Thomson (Director General, Registrar General for England & Wales) and

How a simple renewal of my passport (British) uncovered state-sponsored discrimination by our Government (United Kingdom) targeting (discriminating) citizenship of ethnic minority (Nepalese descent).  I have never been investigated or contacted by the Home Office, and nor I am aware of any on-going investigations against me and the authenticity of my citizenship issued by Home Office.  Additionally, I have not read or heard of any laws, bills being passed that empowers the government bodies to discriminate ethnic minorities of Nepalese descent at will. 

In the month of November, I applied online for a renewal of my British passport (still valid for another 5 months) as I was going to need it extensively in the first quarter of 2019 due to work commitment and also personal.  My family even sacrificed going away for our Christmas holiday to get my passport renewed. 

I received a response letter (dated 27th of November via email) from the HM Passport Office (Miss L Aldred) and the following documents have been requested from me; 

-       Your school records dating back as far as possible

-       Your Hong Kong Birth Certificate

-       Your Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card

-       Your Nepalese Relationship Certificate relating to you and your parents

-       Your Nepalese Citizenship Certificate

-       Your Nepalese Passport(s)

-       Your Marriage Certificate

-       Family Tree showing your relationship back to grandparents (maternal and paternal)

-       Photographs of yourself with your parents since birth (progressive photographs)

-       Progressive identity documents for yourself from birth to the time of issue of your first BNO passport

-       Current ID for your parents

-       Father’s British Army Service book (if applicable)

-       Army camp letter (if applicable)

A standard renewal process as per the guideline set forth by the office is simple, all you need is to submit your original passport, a declaration form, two photos, identity document (Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card and a copy of Inland Tax Revenue document).

I have already responded to Miss L Alfred's email and also called the hotline number and spoke with a person by the name "Paul", so far I have received no response even though Paul assured me the case officer will be in touch with my inquiries as he was unable to answer any of my questions. 

The above information clearly shows it's targeting (discriminating) the citizens of ethnic minority (Nepalese descent) who were legally and qualified citizens of United Kingdom under the British Nationality (Hong Kong) Act 1997 or Act 1981.  The case officer responsible for my application has failed to do her job thoroughly as one of the 13 documents she has requested for was submitted during my application (Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card). 

I have attached two links below from the government's website which clearly states and highlights the Government's understanding of Nepalese law and how we as ethnic minorities (Nepalese descendants) of Hong Kong or as Children of British Gurkhas were qualified to be naturalized as British citizens post the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997. I hope the links help those who are unclear about my naturalization as a British citizen, including the case officer and the HM Passport Office.



It is unclear as to how the system functions to serve its citizens, as recently both my wife and child applied for a renewal and submitted only the basic requirements (documents) and received their passport without any issues.  Additionally, I know many non-ethnic and ethnic minority citizens (Chinese) who also experienced no issues with their renewal, so I ask what laws have been passed which allows government bodies to discriminate citizens based on their ethnicity?

I encourage anyone who is a citizen (British) to sign-up and stand up against the system that is meant to support and protect its citizens. I also call upon citizens (British) who have known me personally to support the campaign and join the fight against state-sponsored discrimination. 


Your's sincerely,


Tsewang N. BHOTIA

British Citizen 

Hong Kong Permanent Resident

Son of former British Gurkha Officer, Major (ret'd). Lakpa T. Bhotia.  



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