Stop social services ruining families

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These were my babies; happy, healthy, fed, well dressed, under supervision, they had good school reports and fair attendance, regularly in conatct with all family members. My babies were took off me for no other reason than the discrimination of my mental health. After splitting from my ex partner Craig just days before giving birth to my youngest Brooklyn, my mental health started decreasing again. After giving birth I was finding being a young single mother difficult and I cried out for help, I was shouting out to my family and to social services who assured me that it was ok to need/want help and it's ok and natural to struggle. My family helped me, they took me in and they also looked after the children occasionally so that I could have some me time and sort myself out. All of this was manipulated and turned against me by social services.
At the time my ex partner placed an order for no contact with either of the children.

On the 6th March 2015 my babies were snatched from me by social services and given to Craig. The children were under no neglect, no physical, mental or emotional harm. The only thing they had against me was my mental state. As soon as my babies were snatched, my health deteriorated badly. I was in and out of Heddfan doing my very best to get myself better for my babies. I was doing everything that social services were telling me while trying to keep my cool. Occasionally I did loose my patients standing my ground, what mother wouldn't?
My little girl was an emotional wreck after being told she had to go and live with her unbiological father and his latest girlfriend. Kaitlyn at the age of 7 was refusing to go and threatened by the social worker that if she didn't go they would get the police to come. At the age of 7 my daughter was being blackmailed by social services.
After the children moving in with Craig and his partner my contact was little and was supervised. After a while contact was decreasing and becoming a shambles. I was allowed to see my babies when and where Craig wanted me to.
My children are/were only seeing their family when Craig and his partner couldn't cope with all of the children. My sister, 15, was regularly receiving phone calls and texts when Kaitlyn was upset asking if she could have the children overnight or for the weekend. Yet Craig had previously discussed with social workers that he didn't want her taking them because she was too young although I did argue that I personally believed that she was responsible enough.
Both my daughter and my son's grades in school have decreased and their reports have got worse, due to the stress they have been under.
I apparently have no right to attending school plays and doctors appointments which I believe is vital in my babies childhood.
For the 4th time now my little girl has ran away from this household and refused to go back. My daughter has now been at my mother's house for 3 weeks as she ran away because of physical abuse, mental abuse, and neglect (without going into detail with the unimaginable things that she has been through). She now lacks trust in everyone because she thinks that they're setting her up and has been too scared to go to her own school. Craig has been told not to pick her up from school and to not be around her yet my 6 year old little boy and 2 other little girls and still under that roof. Social services has received aligations of Craig doing/selling drugs and have been told from my own children's mouth of the abuse they have been under. Social services wished to keep the children in this house which led to my 10 year old daughter to keep running away.
I applied to court for residency order over both if my children however, Craig didn't reply to any if the letter and the court was adjourned. My little boy has been away form his family for 3 weeks, in a house of supposed danger and social services are doing nothing about it.
There were no drug tests or history checks on either of the guardian's before placing my children in their care and no drug tests or check ups have been done since. I don't want my children being an example of social services just like Baby P was.
Social services need stopping before they tear apart any other families.

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