Stop Animal Abuse Videos On Social Media.

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I have been scrolling down my Facebook home page a few times a day, like any other person does. I watch funny videos, heartwarming videos then BANG a dog is getting abused or worse killed by it's 'owners'. It isn't just dogs that are facing this abuse and it's unacceptable.
Not only have I cried countless times over them, I've also felt helpless that I'm sat here stroking my own dogs and can't give the abused love.

I'm concerned that young audiences may see these videos and above all I fear for the animals lives.
I want to try and get this petition signed for Facebook to stop all animal abuse video being shared and try and find the abusers from the source.

If we can delete photos of bullying and videos of bullying I am 100% CERTAIN that animal abuse videos CAN BE DELETED OF FACEBOOK PERIOD.
I KNOW that animal abuse is out there and I KNOW that it's awareness...but that's what RSPCA adverts are there for and dogs trust. There is a certain way of getting the message across rather than seeing an animal being slaughtered or killed.

So please sign this petition as it's something close to heart and hopefully people can relate dramatically.

Thank you in advance.