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Myxomatosis vaccine for Australia

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In order to control the wild rabbit population, the Australian Government has introduced the myxomatosis virus to feral rabbits as a way to thin them out. 

The myxomatosis virus is extremely deadly for all rabbits and is transmitted via mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and other bugs that may feed on the animal. There is no cure for myxomatosis but there are vaccines available in the U.K. but not Australia. 

The reason being is that even though some of the wild rabbit population has built up an immunity to the virus already; the Australian Government wants to prevent the transmission of the weakened strand to the wild population through the same methods that the full virus is transmitted to our domesticated rabbits or rabbits farmed/bred as a source of income. So while a crop farmer may lose some plants to rabbits that they don't know how to trap or control themselves, a rabbit farmer/breeder may lose their entire population from a single mosquito or a child may unexpectedly lose their beloved furry friend. 

I petition for a change to allow the vaccine to be imported and  give domesticated rabbit owners the opportunity to protect their animals. If the government allows rabbits to be had as pets or a source of income then they need to afford the opportunity for owners/farmers/breeders to protect them from the virus the government introduced. 

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