Keep Gel Blaster toys legal and unregulated in Queensland.

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Currently there is a lot of talk and media statements stating that the Minister for Police, the Honourable Mark Ryan, has ordered a review of Gel Blasters in the view to regulate or ban them in Queensland. 

This review has been pushed along by a lot of negative media over members of the public misusing them in public places.

The Gel Blasting community fully supports the people responsible for the misuse of the toys to be punished as applicable to the law that has been broken, but do not support the regulation or banning of the toy. It is unfair that a large community be punished for the idiotic behaviour of a couple of undesirables. 

Gel blasting is the fastest growing sport / hobby in Queensland and has spawned a multi-million dollar industry that employs hundreds of people. 

The sport itself has a lot of positive social impacts. A few that spring to mind; family oriented sport where all members of a family can take part in safely (male, female, young or old it doesn't matter), it gets people outside and active, it gets people together in a fun and social setting, it can help to reduce depression. These are only a few positive points. In a day where it is very easy to fall into sedentary lifestyle anything that gets people outside and active is a good thing and should be supported and promoted by the government and not banned. 

Please join with me to get our voices heard by the Queensland Government.