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Animals should not be forced in to dyeing in this cruel inhumane and unkind way.  you wouldn't put thousands of people on a boat with no space to lie down forced with only standing room. These animals are fighting for food and water and having to poo or wee on the ground and squelch around in it for months. Animals are dying during the journey by ether starving, de hydrated, catching diseases or simply giving up and lying down to dye. Once they pass away they get thrown of the ship and become shark food. Animals should not have to experience these things.  Three in every four people want this issue to be banned. 

So here is one important question that you should take in to consideration: why is an animals life less important than ours? Animals are gods creatures, they are vulnerable and need our protection so why don't we give it to them. 


Over the past 30 years Australia has been exporting animals to the Middle East. They have sent 500 million animals and of that 500 million, 2.5 million have died during the journey. The worst of it is that over those 30 years Australia has been approving the export of cattle not knowing the conditions or how they are being treated. The Middle Eastern people have known what is happening and has kept their mouths shut as they are desperate for animals to come to the slaughter in their country.   

By Lilly and Jazz