Petitioning Mark McEwan

Mark McEwan: We'd like you to take Chef Grant Soto out for lunch.

It's important for two Canadian culinary giants to come together finally in a symbolic showing of unity. Mark and I have had our clashes in the past but it's time to move past that.  The only thing I can liken this meeting to would be the DeNiro/Pacino scene in "HEAT".  A highly charged confrontation between two legends coming face to face for the first time. 

I would like Chef McEwan to take me out for lunch and pay for it. Now normally I would pay for it myself or go dutch even but I'm having a bit of a cash flow problem right now...I'm not exactly liquid. It should a nice place, fancy but not fancy schmancy. Somewhere I can wear my teva sandals and seashell necklace and not feel frowned upon.


Okay, fine. I'll pay for the parking...but that's it. I know how expensive parking can be. One of those $10 dollar lots though, not one of those fancy car park places. It's just a car. Oh, what, Mark thinks he's too good to park in a $10 dollar place? 

So, I need your help people. Sign this petition and let our voice be heard!!




Letter to
Mark McEwan
We want Mark McEwan take Chef Grant Soto out for lunch and pay for it.

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