Help us Mark Hamill, you are our ONLY HOPE!

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The release of The Last Jedi has brought controversy and disagreement between the fans of the Star Wars Universe and between the fans and the critics. There are numerous and quite valid arguments that the story line, as executed by the director of the movie and those in Lucasfilm with say over the creative process, has not done justice to the characters and has steered away from the feeling a Star Wars movie should have.

Some fans believe that there is still a way to salvage this mess, to bring forth a good movie, out of the chaos of the one presented in theaters all over the world, last December. Out of all these fans, one has chosen to act and his efforts and work has gone into creating a re-edit of the movie, one that is going to bring back this Star Wars feeling we all crave for.

His name is Ivan Ortega, and his Youtube channel, where he posts updates on how he is handling the enormous task is at:

He is doing all this without asking for money. He is getting money out of his own pockets to reshoot scenes. He has the support of the fans and what he is doing is at the highest of artistic levels. He is putting his soul in this. He is going to hire voice actors to add missing dialog, where dialog is needed...

And this is where, we, the fans, ask you, Mark Hamill to help us. You are our ONLY hope! We ask you to help us record these few lines of dialog yourself, to help Ivan with the project, in order to keep it at the highest artistic level and bring balance to the fandom!