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Hey Ford! Want to sell us cars? Don't work to reduce fuel economy regulations.

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Dear Mr. Fields,

We buy cars. 

We also believe that gasoline and diesel exhaust are important contributors to global warming, which threatens all people.

We have read that you have asked President Trump to reduce the emission standards already in place in our country.  We, the undersigned, ask that you take back that request right away.  Less strict emission rules, while perhaps good for your bottom line, are bad for our nation and for our world. 

We do not want cars, and the companies that build them, to ignore what is good for our health.  Please note that most polls taken over the past decade show that upwards of three quarters of Americans support strong fuel economy standards, including the most recent poll by the Consumer Federation of America.

Just as your founder, Henry Ford, correctly predicted and built your company on the idea that society changes for the better with better products, you can build cars that people want and which minimize the damage they do to our (yours too) environment.  Henry Ford had the foresight and entrepreneurial skill to see that cars would replace horses, even though most everyone in America thought him crazy. 

He did it.  You can too.  Be for the future if you want to keep up with what we, your consumers, want.  Please remember that there are, indeed, other choices of more environmentally friendly, made-in-America cars for us to choose.

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