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Ford: Recall the Escape for Rust Problems-It's a Safety Issue!

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I own a 2006 Ford Escape, which I purchased in April, 2006.  In August of this year, my daughter was driving the car, and it suddenly started making a horrible banging noise.  We took it to our mechanic immediately and what we found was terrifying!  The shock tower in the right rear wheel well had come completely disconnected from the frame of the car! The wheel well had rusted through completely and you could see from the outside of the car through to the interior of the car!  I'm so grateful nothing happened to her or anyone else!  As I started investigating this, I learned this is a widespread problem on the Escapes, and is not limited to the 06 model year. In fact, I have a coworker who also owns an Escape and had the exact same problem!  It seems it is very common for the rear wheel well to rust through, and it has happened as recently as the 2013s and 2014s.  I have found websites and Facebook pages dedicated to this complaint, with thousands of people struggling with this problem.  I'm sure it has impacted their car buying decisions, and there are fewer repeat Ford owners because of this.  Yet in my dealings with Ford, they have been unwilling to take any responsibility for the repair. Ford needs to step up, take responsibility, and initiate a recall for this obvious design defect in the Escape! 

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