Unfair Laws & Restrictions on Western Australian Dirt Bike Owners/Riders.

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Dirt bike riders of Western Australia please sign this petition and help get our voices heard!
There are thousands of dirt bike owners/riders here in WA and the restrictions not allowing 2-wheel dirt bikes and quad bikes to ride the tracks in our National Parks and State Forests are ridiculous.
Not everyone owns a farm or a bush block! We need somewhere where we can legally ride, and I'm not just talking about a circle track where we can ride around in a circle.
And yes, we understand there are a lot of other people to consider such as bushwalkers, horse riders and pushbike riders.
There would need to be a lot of planning and thought put into any proposed changes.
One rule I believe would be very advantageous for everyone’s safety would be an induction to riding in the bush before you get an off-road vehicle registration, so that everyone is on the same page.
After researching the rules and regulations I found out that you can ride in any National Park, State Forest or beach that is open to off-road vehicles in Western Australia if you have a road registered 2-wheeler bike or a 4x4 car.
I found out here in WA there are only FIVE places where you can get off road vehicle registration for a 2-wheeler or quad bike and legally ride. The closet place for us people here in the South West/ Great Southern area is Medina (Kwinana) near Perth and the other areas include Lancelin, Gnangara, Pinjar and York.
I find it completely unfair and ridiculous that anyone can ride a heavy 2-wheeler road/trail bike in any National Park/State Forrest or beach where off-road vehicles are allowed but a bike that is specifically designed for trails you can't ride because you can't get it road registered.
We need to push for off road vehicle registration to all areas in WA where road registered vehicles are allowed off-road! We have so many great trails and places we could ride but because of the ridiculous rules on restricting dirt bikes, every time we go out riding we are risking hundreds of dollars in fines, Police charges and the loss of our bikes.
Yes, there are a lot of idiots out there doing the wrong thing! But there are also many people out there like myself wanting to do the right thing and ride with respect in the bush.
Now I'm certainly not talking about riding through the bush or sand dunes where any vehicle is not allowed. I'm talking about trails that already exist. Trails where road registered vehicles are already allowed to ride or drive on.
There are so many dirt bike owners/riders here in not only the Southern area of Western Australia but the whole of Western Australia.
If the Police catch you with a 2-wheeled unregistered dirt bike, as of new laws 8 months ago they will not only give you a hefty fine and charge you with unregistered driving/riding but they will also permanently confiscate your bike!
For people with quad bikes, as in the eyes of the law a quad bike is not considered a motorbike, so you will just cop the hefty fine and be charged for unregistered driving.
Also if you are not licensed to ride a road bike there's another charge of unlicensed driving/riding.
All us people who love our sport and want to ride without potentially copping big fines, being charged by the Police and permanently losing our bikes need to stand up to these ridiculous restrictions on our sport!!
Please help me stand up to the Politicians who make these rules denying us our sport by signing this petition!! Thank you and please share the link to this petition everywhere.