A red light is needed NOW in front of Saddle Ridge K-8 not after someone gets killed.

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Saddle Ridge K-8
Opened in 2013. It is located off hwy 27 in Rock Springs, Ga. Hwy 27 has 2 lanes going north & 2 lanes going south including the middle turning lane. The main entrance to the school meets hwy 27 where there is very heavy traffic at all times & only a stop sign in front of the school. When the buses & parents drop off kids & head to LaFayette high school to unload they are having to get in the turning lane & sit to wait to get over. When there is cars turning into the school you can't even get in the turning lane. There is no traffic director at all. Well if your only counting a police car sitting there with it's blue lights on.There is only a speed limit sign that says 55 when flashing. If someone hits a kid at 55 MPH it would kill them. There has been way TOO many accidents here already & a red light could really help everyone to & from this school. We need a light NOW please. All lives matter. Thank you so kindly!