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Keep the Margaret T. Hance dog park in Phoenix, Arizona open

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    The city Of Phoenix closes the very popular Margaret T. Hance dog park twice a year to over seed  the lawn, with the closure lasting 6 weeks. We have noted that there are days where there is no work being done, yet the park is closed.

    We would like to bring to your attention a few comments and concerns about the Margaret T. Hance Dog Park. We understand that there has been a lot of effort on the part of City Of Phoenix employees, planners, volunteers and many others, to correct some problems and that effort is greatly appreciated. This letter is in no way meant to devalue that effort. We all know that over the past three years or so there have been issues with bare spots in the lawn, mud and relatively frequent closures of the park. We just believe that despite these efforts, the park ends up looking the same after a few weeks. It seems like wasted effort and expense. We propose that, instead of over seeding for the winter, that the summer grass be allowed to go dormant and that the watering schedule be adjusted accordingly. Last year especially, the winter grass was watered to the point of weeks of a muddy mess in the park. The dogs also ate the organic compost that was used.
    This would result in the immediate money savings on the over seeding and the water and there would also be no need to close the park for weeks at a time. It would also mean that it would not be necessary to delay opening the park because of frost in the wintertime. The park is never more unusable than when the gate is padlocked and we wanted to voice our concerns because we love our dog park. The under signed respectfully thank you for your consideration. 

    Another possible option is to close one of the 2 parks (small dog and big dog) at a time, while leaving the other open.

Edit: This petition will be sent to the Phoenix City council and the head of the Phoenix City Parks department. This is my first petition, so I ask patience, thank you...Mark  


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