Keep Piper Tradition alive at Ogilvys in Montreal

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"After 72 years, it's sad to see such a wonderful tradition come to an end." In Montreal! In many a Canadians mind it's a tradition that should continue!

Long hailed as part of the department store's charm, the bagpipe ritual first began at Ogilvy in the late 1940s as a way to announce closing time. 

Over the years, the pipers have serenaded customers and passersby at lunchtime as they march, playing, from floor to floor!

Ogilvy said its decision to put an end to the bagpipes comes as the store's brand and customer base changes.

"The pipers will always be a big part of our history, but they are synonymous with a different era for Ogilvy," said the store's vice-president, Normand Ciarlo, in a statement.

"Now is the right time for us to respectfully move on to relevant and new traditions."

Do you agree with this?  

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Old Traditions are relevant and we need to keep this tradition alive! 

Bring Back the bagpiper!  It's a part of Montreal and it's a disservice to our vibrate city to just let it go!