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Aldi stores opening in Tasmania

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Tasmania is missing out! 

Don't you think that it is a little unfair that very rural towns such as Casino in New South Wales have an Aldi store but Aldi Stores, Australia currently have no plans to bring a single store to Tasmania? 

I am moving to Tasmania from Brisbane and would love to tell you all about the impact that being able to shop at Aldi has had on my family and my grocery budget. We are a family of 4 and have a shopping budget of $150, which is fairly modest by today's standards. I rarely even come close to using all of my budget and regularly spend closer to the $90 mark. How you might ask? Well I do the majority of my shop at Aldi who stocks very good quality products at prices that always seem to beat the 2 major grocery chains. In an economy where things are always seemingly getting more and more expensive I'm sure everyone can agree that every little saving helps. Not only this but Aldi often stock things that the big 2 don't have like the best ice-cream range that I've ever seen, American marshmallows and different flavoured hot chocolate pods and really affordable coffee machines. Not only this, but they also bring in a range of unique special buys every week which this year have included things such as snow gear (which we stocked up on for the move) which were at the low prices of $50 for an adult ski jacket or $40 for a child's, 4WD accessories, children's wooden toys, and much, much more! 

Tasmania needs a shake up that will break the hold of the big 2 supermarkets, but not hurt local farmers. Aldi doesn't stock a large range of fresh fruit and vege and I often don't buy a lot from there but prefer to source these from green grocers, so this would not be a concern to the locals. I'm sure that once everyone gave Aldi a try they would see why it is such a craze through the rest of the country. 

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