Bring rape kit examinations back to Marin County

Bring rape kit examinations back to Marin County

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Started by Anna Pletcher

It is time for Marin County to treat our sexual assault victims with the dignity and care they deserve by providing them with medical exams at our local hospitals. It is wrong to force people, who have endured serious trauma, to travel hours back and forth to Vallejo for services that should be provided here in Marin.  This creates an unnecessary burden on survivors and a barrier to reporting and collecting evidence for a serious crime.

Marin used to provide exams for victims at Marin General Hospital.  Marin County District Attorney Ed Berberian said that the program was outsourced to Vallejo simply to cut costs.

Budgets are statements of values.  We can and we must find a way to take care of our survivors right here in Marin.  There are options, such as:

  • Working with Marin General Hospital and other medical facilities in Marin to provide space for examinations
  • Contracting with trained nurses in neighboring counties to come to Marin or training a Marin-based nursing pool
  • Looking to external funding, such as federal Violence Against Women Act grants, state-level Office of Emergency Services funds, and crime victim funds.  

Marin averaged 28 rape kit exams per year between 2011 and 2016.  That is 140 mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, brothers, sons who chose to endure the trip to Vallejo.  Imagine how many chose not to.  

Join us by signing this petition urging Marin County to provide in-county medical examinations for victims.

2,609 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!