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Keep the Strawberry PDA

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Strawberry is a fabulous community, but it has problems that need to be solved. We have drivers speeding along neighborhood roads, an overpass that’s impassible by bike, and a freeway clogged every night. Strawberry has asked the county for years to get some money to fix these pressing problems and make the area a safer, friendlier place to raise a family. A PDA designation means these fixes are finally going to get some attention and some investment.

Unfortunately, some people are spreading fear and misinformation to maintain the status quo. They’re fighting tooth and nail to intimidate supporters and keep our roads dangerous and our traffic congested.

Sign this petition and tell the County Supervisors yes we want safer streets, yes we want smoother traffic, yes we want a PDA.

Myths and Facts

Myth: The Strawberry PDA is a high-density housing designation.

Fact: The PDA has no effect on any housing plans in Strawberry. The Seminary housing project and the county Housing Element are separate and distinct from the PDA. Opponents of housing are barking up the wrong tree.

Myth: Strawberry can apply for the transportation money later.

Fact: Half of the county’s regional transportation money must be spent in a PDA. If Strawberry leaves a PDA, that money won’t go back to the general pot. Only downtown San Rafael, Cal Park, and Marin City will be eligible for it.

Myth: PDA money comes with strings attached.

Fact: There are no strings attached. If Strawberry leaves the PDA in a year, it’ll get to keep the money. If no housing is built in Strawberry, Strawberry gets to keep the money.

Myth: A PDA allows housing developers to bypass environmental laws.

Fact: Developers are under the same environmental regulations whether or not they are in a PDA.

Myth: A PDA allows housing developers to override local zoning and development processes.

Fact: Developers have no new power under PDAs. Towns and the county have full local control over all development within their borders, including within PDAs.

So what is a PDA?

A PDA, or Priority Development Area, is a way for the county and region to focus transportation money. In Marin, half of all our transportation funds must go to a PDA-designated area.

Strawberry has some exceptional needs for transportation funds: calmer traffic on neighborhood streets, safe routes to schools for our kids, and a mess of an interchange at the Tiburon freeway exit that has needed a fix for years.

Don’t let myths ruin the best chance Strawberry has for a safer neighborhood. Sign this petition and stand up for a safer, more neighborly Strawberry.

What else?

Show up! We need to get people out to the February 25th meeting at 1:30 pm at Room 330 in the Marin County Civic Center to show that Strawberry does support safer streets for our kids, better traffic, and better transit service.

Speak! It’s been tough to break through the anger and hate we’ve seen well up around Strawberry about the issue, and it’s been tough to stand up to the boos and cat-calls we’ve seen at county meetings lately. But your voice is just as valuable! You’re not alone, and you have a community to fight for. Stand up and let your voice be heard! Say YES to the Strawberry PDA!

Donate your time! We have a ready-made fact sheet to give to your neighbors, friends, PTA members and a flyer to leave around town. Get the word out that Strawberry wants to be a better place!

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