A Plea for the Implementation of a Policy that Would Promote Responsible Pet Ownership

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Every pet owner will share the same sentiment that their pets are more than just domesticated animals; they are family. They are sources of comfort and good company in times of distress. But, there will always be negligent pet owners who abandon their once beloved dogs or cats on the streets when they cannot afford the costs of caring for their pets anymore, especially when they acquire diseases and health problems. Some may even go as far as taking their dogs or cats to places far away from their vicinity, also known as pagligaw, to make sure that they could not come back to their former homes.

As a result, these abandoned animals recurrently roam the streets to seek for shelter which they somehow find under parked cars and dimly-lit alleys. Additionally, they mate with other stray animals and give birth, increasing the number of the stray population and making it more difficult to address the main issue. Worse, they might fall in the hands of cruel people, dog meat traders, and the local animal control unit. Once in the city pound, they can only be impounded for five days, a week at most, and would be euthanized through the use of barbiturates or lethal injection if no one would claim or adopt them. According to Inquirer.net, the City Veterinary Office located in Marikina City euthanizes an average of 200 dogs every month.

I, Denisse Tabor, believe that there is a need for a policy or an ordinance that would prohibit the rampancy of stray animals by ensuring that pet owners would practice responsible ownership at all times. This policy should subject not just the pet owners, but the ordinary masses as well, to partake in programs and campaigns that mainly discuss the measures to be taken so as to decrease the number of stray dogs and animals. These said programs should acquaint the people with the spay-neuter procedure, adopt-not-shop campaigns, and the prosecution on violations of the Animal Welfare Act/R.A. 8485. No dog or cat would suffer under harsh living conditions and be deprived of their right to live if their owners would practice responsible pet ownership.