Board of Deputies, stop hijacking the voice of British Jews

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We the undersigned:

Note that

1. The Board of Deputies of British Jews (“Board of Deputies”) professes to speak out on behalf of the Jewish population of Great Britain;

2. Sheila Gewolb, the Senior Vice President,put out a tendentious statement on behalf of the Board of Deputies on 19 July 2018 seeking to criticise the State of Israel’s Basic Law without having a mandate to do so, without discussion or consultation and without explanation, thereby damaging the Jewish Community both internally and apropos its relation with Israel.

We demand that:

3. The Board of Deputies publicly retract its statement and resolve that it will never issue statements criticising Israeli government policy without discussion by the Board of Deputies at a plenary session, and in accordance with a 2/3 majority of those voting on a specific resolution.

4.That Sheila Gewolb should resign.