Stop Minister of Agriculture Marie-Claude Bibeau providing up to $10 million for expansion

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The government of Canada pledged a repayable investment of C$10 million to Conestoga Meats under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

The “repayable contribution” will help Conestoga upgrade its facilities to include a state-of-the-art cooling system to help refrigeration and speed up ‘processing times’. Minister Bibeau stated, “Our government is proud to be working with the Canadian pork industry to build a stronger, more innovative sector.”

The government should not be using taxpayer money to support:

  • The torture and murder of animals.
  • ‘Food’ production that is unhealthy. (The World Health Organization has classified pork products as the same level of carcinogen as smoking.)
  • An industry that is a leading contributor to the climate crisis.
  • A company with over $450m in sales in 2017
  • A company it has already supported with a $5.3m grant in 2017

Instead, the government should be subsidising vegan food production which:

  • Increases health and has been shown to reverse the effects of many major diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
  • Requires less land than animal agriculture enabling reforestation and reversal of the climate crisis.
  • Avoids needlessly torturing and killing animals.


#stopconestogaexpansion #stopsubsidizingmurder


We demand that:

Minister Bibeau reverses the decision to invest $10m in Conestoga Meats.
Acknowledges that animal agriculture is cruel, unnecessary, damaging to human health and a leading cause of climate change and needs to be stopped.

What you can do:

You can stop these atrocities now by voting with your wallet and BOYCOTTING companies that are involved with exporting animals.
Attend a vigil at a Conestoga slaughterhouse.
Send a letter or email to the Minister of Agriculture, sample letter in first petition update below.
Switch to a whole foods, plant-based diet and live cruelty free!

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Letter to Minister alongside signing the petition:  Email

Minister Bibeau

I respectfully call on the you and the federal government to reverse the decision to provide a $10m investment to Conestoga Meats.

Animals do not want to die and humans have no necessity to consume them. In fact a plant based diet has been proven to be healthier, reversing many leading diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Animal agriculture is also a leading contributor to the climate crisis which a UN report last year has indicated we have less than 12 years left to reverse or face possible extinction.

Instead of providing investment or subsidies to Conestoga and any company involved in animal agriculture, please instead invest in plant based companies and reforestation.


Please, Minister Bibeau, protect animals from this terrible and unnecessary torture and murder, set a compassionate example that can become a new standard around the world, and reverse this decision.