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Send Alexander Majorov to the Olympics 2018

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 Unfortunately the Swedish Olympic Committees decision is final and the spot has already been passed on to the next country on the list. 
Isn't that unbelievable??!! The institute that should support their athletes are totally dropping the ball on this.

The Swedish Skating Federation has declared via their social media to stand behind this decision.

Since when are the Olympic Games only about the first 8 places? (which is one of the criteria as listed by the Swedish Olympic Committee) In a reply to our  request they even avoided explaining why they ignored their OSF criterium (if an athlete does not meet the top 8 requirement and is not a future promise but meets the international requirements, then SOC may reduce the qualification requirements which Alexander did meet.)

By rigidly sticking to this unrealistic standard and ignoring opinions of the thousands who signed this petition, they are denying someone who has rightfully qualified internationally the opportunity to bear the fruits of all their hard work and they are sending a terribe message to all who dream of representing their country.
Let's show them the world is watching!! Keep signing to deliver the message and show Alexander our support.

Last but not least. "The Olympic Principles and Traditions"
The creed, or guiding principle, of the modern Olympic Games is a quote by Baron de Coubertin: "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

Yes, Swedish Olympic Committee. How about that?


The Swedish Olympic Committee decided not to send Alexander Majorov to the Olympics, despite his stellar 7th place at the European Championships. Sign the petition and tell them this is wrong!! It really sends the wrong message to young athletes!

Figure skating is a tough sport, as we all know. The Olympic International Committe sets pretty high requirements to qualify a country for the so desired Olympic spot. It's quite a feat to meet those.
The athletes work for this all their life, Olympics are considered the highlight of the sport, so that is usually the goal for any figure skater, so also Alexander Majorov.
He managed to meet the international standards and qualified his country for a spot at the men's Olympic event. YAY for him... right?
Nope... the Swedish Olympic Committee feels different, and sets an even higher standard. Alexander was supposed to reach an 8th place at the Worlds Championships 2017 and on top of that a score of 258. Now, he skated his ass off, and ended up in 7th place at the European Championships, which is awesome! Unfortunately he is short of meeting the ridiculous high scores set by the Swedes. We feel he should be allowed to go to South Korea!!
Not only has he worked his whole life for this (of course all athletes do) and overcame some very tough difficulties (injuries, ilness in the family etc), but why isn't it seen as an honor to have such a great skater representing you at such a high prestige competion??

Alexander has been raised on skates,started skating in 1996 and has been competing internationally on the senior level since 2010,
was 4 times 11th at the European Championships and in the top 10 3 times, 14th at the 2014 Olympic Games and 5 times national champion. Alexander made Swedish skating history when he became the junior World bronze medallist in 2011. He is the first skater from Sweden to medal at an ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championship and the first Swedish skater to medal at an ISU Championship in 74 years, being 26y old, he's one of the veterans and loved for his tenacity. .Just let him make the circle round and compete at the Olympics in South Korea! Sign the petition

Thank you!

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