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Dogs and puppies should not be dying.

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So many dogs and puppies are contracting parvovirus when they enter Rockhampton pound. The quarantine process is not good enough. Lost or surrendered dogs and puppies should be kept safe when they enter the pound, not under the threat of becoming very sick with parvo, costing lots of Vet fees and or worse still, dying an horrible death or having to be put to sleep. Even a vaccinated dog has contracted parvo. The quarantine process is only in place for small dogs and puppies. Large breed puppies and adult dogs are not quarantined. Many dogs from the pound go to rescues and therefore are risking the rescues. 

The Mayor promised that something would be done to help this problem. If Rockhampton pound still has parvo then whatever has been done is not enough. Parvo needs to be eradicated from the pound. The council have a duty of care which is not being undertaken.

I would hate to think that if was my lovely little furry companion who was lost and ended up at the pound, that he could contract parvo.

Rockhampton council need to spend some money in order to make this problem go away. Whilst most of the things the council has spent money on are nice, they are not saving lives, be it dog's. My dog is part of my family and I am sure that many of the councillors have dogs as part of their family too, so I  would hope that something can be done about this long standing problem.

Please let's do something to help eradicate parvo from Rockhampton pound.

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