Reform the Florida Wrongful Death Act

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According to The Florida Wrongful Death Act,  Florida  Statutes 768.16; A survivor of a person who died due to Medical Malpractice that is not the husband/wife of the deceased, or his/her children are over the age of 25, don't have the right to sue the Doctors nor the Hospital Facilities for the negligence that caused the death of the Family member.

On December 29th 2017, our beloved mother, Nubia Mixco, passed away leaving our hearts for ever broken, her death was due to an infection in her blood stream, MRS to be more specific, she contracted the deadly bacteria while on the operating room when she had to have surgery due to a fractured on her right wrist, a platinum was placed inside her wrist to hold the bones together, The Operating Room and or the equipment were not properly sanitized, the infection came from inside out and in less than a month we lost the person who gave everything for us.

The day my mother passed away was the day she was going to closed on a new house she was buying with my sister and brother in law, my mother was a happy, active person, she was still working and was full of life, she had so many plans for the years to come. All those dreams were shattered!!! 

Senator Rubio it is time to revise, review and change this law in Florida! Doctors and Medical Facilities can not continue to be destroying lives, they have to be accountable for all the things they do wrong!!! The survivor of someone who died due to Medical Negligence suffers double, suffer the loss of their loved one and the pain of knowing that their death could have been avoided. Nobody should have the right to tell us that we can not do anything to bring them to justice, that we have no saying on correcting what has been done or that we are adults enough not to suffer our loss. we may be adults, we may have our own lives, but that does not means that the person who died was not necessary in our lives anymore, that because we are adults we do not have the right to seek justice for the wrongdoing of others. Senator Rubio this has to stop, please help us change this law.