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Report the social media names for sexual offenders as well as their address.

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Each an everyday our world becomes more dependent upon social media an the world wide web. Most people have began to acknowledge people by their social media name an profile before their birth name. We have a law that requires sex offenders to report their address to their homes an this is great but who actually reads the flyers? Who actually remembers the names or the faces? Even if you can name one person it wont be any of our children or our teens their to stuck in there phones on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, snap chat, twitter, and etc. So lets bring awareness to them. Require offenders to register their online names but also require these sites to have a search engine specifically for checking to see if a person is a registered sex offender. Studies show 40% of our kids have computers in their room that's not counting the access at school, libraries, a friend, and/or family members home. Its time to update our laws to fit the times an right now we live in a technology dominated world and we are still responsible for the safety of the people rather online or not. So lets update such a great law to were it benefits our children and parents the ones it was created to protect and keep aware.   

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