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Kill off Felicity

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My name is James Stent. After 5 years of watching Arrow I have visited this website for only one goal: To save this show and so many others of us that like it. To do this, I can't sit here to let these writers shove "Olicity" in our throats. To end this childish relationship, I must do something else. I must write to someone else. I must get Marc Guggenheim and other writers who are obessed with Olicity to hear my voice.

Arrow aired in 2012 and was a massive hit for the CW. The first two seasons was brillant with the episodes, character development, action, story, emotion I loved it all. It was until Season 3 started where although Season 3 was not awful it was not the best season like the other two seasons, and it was all because of one character who is the reason that im here for. Felicity Smoak, is your typical quirky and awkward girl who has a crush on you, I loved her in Season 1 and 2 she wasn't heavily involved in the plot because shes not the protagonist of Arrow its Oliver Queen, young billionaire who escaped from a sinking boat and was then stranded on Island called Lian Yu. Whenever I saw the flashbacks in the first two seasons I was excited, I was really fascinated of how Oliver survived in Lian Yu for 5 years and what problems he needed to overcome. I did not enjoy Olicity in Season 3 especially in the first episode because it was rushed I however tried sticking around as it didn't really irritated me that much. That was until in the midseason finale Oliver had a duel with Ra's Al Ghul on top of a mountain Ra's Al Ghul killed him and although Oliver came back the show didn't the second half was not Arrow to me anymore.

The relationship between her and Oliver, Olicity, was featured a lot but it became the main focus on season 4 and whats worse was that Felicity was in every scene crying, whining and being a drama queen in every scene and she would sometimes blame Oliver and the team for no reason, Whenever I watched Season 4 I felt like I had cancer because it involves shitty writing, pointless drama, bad fighting etc. while Felicity gets all the attention the other characters wouldn't be able to get character development, it was not until Black Canary was killed off.

Although fans disliked Laurel Lance, in the pilot throughout each season she became a likeable character she started out as a whiny hypocrite who blames people and wishes her ex boyfriend and sister stayed dead (Harsh right?) to a complete badass who everyone looked up to even though she wasn't developed enough as the Black Canary especially when the fighting was not that great, but she was the Black Canary that we knew and loved in Season 4 we started picking up more of her being the canary but we couldn't continue seeing more of that because in Episode 18 she was killed by Damien Darhk, who the main antagonist of the season, and she was killed on purpose to save Olicity most fans hated this episode, it was so bad that many of the viewers left making Season 4 as a whole the lowest and weakest season of the Arrow series.

Another reason why Laurel was killed off was because Marc Guggenheim quoted "she doesn't have anymore stories left for her in the future." And yet Felicity does? I felt like quiting and I really do I see no redemption for this show anymore, the show I once loved was heavily changed into fan service, where basically the writers would listen to Oliciters for what they want and all they want is Oliver and Felicity to be together ignoring for what we actually want. It was basically "Felicity and Friends", not Arrow.

However, when I saw trailers of Season 5 and promos of the episodes I didn't see any Olicity in it so I decide to give Season 5 a chance and I thought the first half of the fifth season was pretty good but in the second half it was amazing I loved the build up and characters actually get a chance to get developed and I especially loved how Prometheus tormented Oliver, we didn't need to see the villains goal to destroy a city and we didn't see that in Season 5 we saw something else in this season and we thought that Season 5 has redeemed Arrow and it really did but theres still one problem though the thing is even though the writers aren't trying to make Felicity the star of the show, they're being trying to make her a badass and I just don't like that I wish the writers would stop doing that.

What I also didn't like about Season 5 was the helix storyline, sure Felicity needs to have a meaning to be in this show but I think her purpose in this show has ended years go it would've being a perfect chance for Prometheus plan to actually get Felicity killed in that explosion from Lian Yu that way it would've brought in a greater meaning into it but once again the writers kept her alive SOMEHOW, the only character that was killed was Samantha, who was a minor character we barely cared about but now we have Olicity again Season 6 is not like 3 and 4 but I hate the fact that whenever Black Siren, Laurel from earth 2 appears in a episode it turns out to be a Felicity centred episode and that bothered me episode 4 we're introduced to Cayden James and I liked the character the actor did a marvellous job playing him but I hate it that they shove Black Siren to make Felicity important when she doesn't yet get that much character development.

I just want Season 6 to be perfect to not have any Olicity or the character Felicity even. We don't want to see hacking in Arrow we want to see fighting we want Arrow to be Arrow heck we even want to see Oliver and Laurel as a couple I know earth 1 Laurel is dead but um Black Siren? Or maybe Dinah Drake even I know that her boyfriend is Vigilante but besides making him Vigilante to give her a story what was the point bringing Dinah into Arrow? You shouldn't be listening to shippers for what they want look at what happened to "those seasons" and I know its stupid of me to bring in Oliver and Laurel as a couple because you'll label me as a shipper, well unlike Olicity Lauriver has well good chemistry especially in Season 2. But you shouldn't be scared of getting rid of Olicity or Felicity I mean you may get complaints from Oliciters but you don't listen to shippers they don't care for the show they just care about toxic relationships and we the fans don't want to see that and btw theres only like 4% of fans who like Olicity and more of us who actually love the show so everyone I hope we can make this work because I want to see my favourite show be the favourite show I once watched I hope you will sign my petition and get Marc to listen.

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