Stop the expansion of Tottenham Aerodrome - It is not in Public Interest

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The Tottenham/Volk airfield (TC LID: CPM5) was purchased by a fill operator, under the guise that they need to bring in millions of cubic metres of commercial fill to improve a grass airfield.

This aerodrome sits beside a Senior's residence of over 300 inhabitants as well as over 25 immediate neighbouring properties.  For 6 years, commercial fill has been hauled and dumped onto this site, as well as 40 acres of trees clear cut to make room for more commercial fill.  The shell company (Tottenham Airfield Corporation) for this fill operation is wholly owned by Green for Life, who profit from accepting  commerical fill and contaminated soil.

Residents have been held hostage in their homes, succumbed to floods, spills and excessive noise and dust, for an aerodrome with little market demand, is being expanded with commercial fill.  No aeronautical improvements are in plans for this improvement, no control towers, no emergency lighting, no safety facilities. The fill operator continues to import fill, with it being over 9 metres deep in former valley.  We now realize that over 150,000 cubic metres of Cyanide contaminated soil has been dumped here - we are all on well water.

Your Honour under the amendments  to the Aeronautics Act in 2014, enable you authority under section 4.31(1) to make an order prohibiting the development or aexpansion of a given aerodrome or any change to the operation of a given aerodrome, if, in the Minister’s opinion, the proposed development, expansion or change is likely to adversely affect aviation safety or is not in the public interest.

Tottenham Airfield Corporation, known as Green for Life is seeking a new permit to bring in more soil to build a new runway 13-31 which will fly over our homes and the current volume at the Aerodrome does not require a new runway or millions of cubic metres of commercial fill on the Oak Ridges Moraine

Our lives, our water and our health are at risk, as a fill operator is using the guise of an aerodrome expansion to import and deposit commercial fill.  Please create an order to cease operations and support our cause as this grass airstrip improvement is NOT IN PUBLIC INTEREST