Ban Bromethalin, a rat poison with no antidote.

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Bromethalin is a neurotoxic rodenticide that damages the central nervous system. There is no antidote for this poison. It is manufactured to look and taste good, so that rodents will eat it. Unfortunately, consumption is not limited to rodents. There have also been thousands of pets poisoned, many ending in death. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reported in the past that 10,000 toddlers are poisoned every year from the ingestion of rat poison; a sobering statistic. You don’t need to know the details regarding which chemicals are in rat poison and what they do to a toddler when ingested. It’s obvious that this is a horrid chemical accident that shouldn’t be allowed in one home, much less 10,000 annually. The EPA recognizing this as a problem recently made changes to the restrictions on some rodenticide products, however Bromethalin is still readily available WITHOUT an antidote. I do not believe there should be a product on the market that “causes the cells in the nervous system to stop producing energy. The nerve cells swell and put pressure on the brain, which leads to paralysis and death” without an antidote. What a terrible way for a child or family pet to die. There is nothing to stop someone from poisoning your animal, rather accidentally or intentionally. It can happen to anyone, the most careful people. Even me. 

On June 30, 2018 at 8:30p, I was cleaning out my shed. There was some old rat poison in a sealed bag that I was going to throw away in the trash pile when I finished. Somehow Hercules got it out of the bag and ate several bricks. Thankfully, we caught him in the act and rushed him to the “emergency room”, where they induced vomiting and administered several rounds of activated charcoal. He seemed to be fine, but the vet informed me that with this drug, you are not out of the woods for 14 days. Symptoms and death can occur from the time of poisoning to 14 days later. We are only three days in and it feels like an eternity. It has been a devastating time and we are praying that we caught it in time and Hercules will live, but what if he doesn’t? What about all pets who didn’t? What about all the owners who suffered that loss? The thousands of dollars in vet bills? 

There should some liability on the manufacturer. If you are going to sell a deadly poison, please provide an antidote.