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Beg to Manor to Announce Rio Haryanto as Their F1 Driver

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If you are a F1 freak or any others, please support us to ask F1 team manor to hire our fantastic racer,Rio Haryanto..

For someone who just heard about Rio, you can watch some videos on Youtube about him by searching the keyword of "Rio Haryanto"..Then we will have same opinion about his talent.

I stand beside him, yeah because personally I am an Indonesian, but it is about something different, it is the first chance for you all to know about Indonesia more. We want you to help us to make our big dream come true.

Can you support us to watch the very rare chance for us namely seeing our pride "Rio Haryanto" competing with yours?. You know that our country is still in progression to follow your country's achivement which easily send your driver as F1 racer through the sponsorship given by private company or government. Meanwhile it is not easy to fund either by private or government in Our beloved nation, Indonesia. Now this issue becomes bigger everybody here speaks about this.

Today we rush the deadline of manor's announcement that actually has passed, but Thank to manor for giving Rio some extra time.. We are still like a kid if we are failed, it will be sure our tear falling down like niagara waterfall on and on. But we were born to be optimistic at least by offering this petition showing our very small optimism.. So could you tell to Manor team ,please!

1. Hire Rio Haryanto as your driver,

2. Give us extra time to collect our money until enough to pay the "tution",

3. Believe us, Rio will give you first point,

4. For Indonesian goverment especially for President Joko Widodo, give us a shocking decision by funding him through unbelivable wisdom,and

5. Private company or rich men around the world, if you can support Rio Haryanto, you can get our sweet smile and kiss..

"For you all who sign this petition, thank is not enough"

See you Rio Haryanto on F1 2016

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