“Tree-Tombs” - A Seed Of A New Beginning.

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Since most of our cemeteries here in the philippines have become more prone to illegal settlers and the graves are not being able to be taken care properly, the cemeteries now is now looking a lot like a dump and not being sacred anymore.

Most of our metropolitans lungs are being destroyed and being replaced by infrastructures and buildings.

We came up with an idea to lessen the destruction of our living trees.

We want to develop “tree-tombs”
That instead of coffins or tombstones, we can put trees. Since we still need to buy a portion of land we can plant trees.

For people who cant afford to buy a land, we can develop walls of plants.

Personal story
One of our team member had a family member overseas whereas her aunt suffered from miscarriage. Instead of burying it the traditional way, her aunt planted a roses and engraved a personal touch to its container.