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Rehabilitation of Manila Zoo

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Wildlife is one of the many things that humans should preserve and protect for some of these animals and plants are now being extinct and some are dependently living to humans. One of the purpose of having different zoos or wildlife parks is first, in order to protect and ensure that these animals and plants will prolong their generation and last as much as it could possibly live. Second is for it gives amusement, entertainment, and new information about the existing animals, creatures and plants to the different people going into the wildlife park, most especially children.

Manila Zoo, formerly known as the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden, is one of the few wildlife parks that is available in a huge urban city of Manila. Having this wildlife park is a privilege to all people specifically the less fortunate, the children who are interested and for the people whom are inclined with different animals for it is cheap, educational and accessible.  However, it is observed that this specific wildlife park is not maintained properly and orderly. There’s poor solid waste management in the park making the zoo filthy and untidy, along with that, some of the animals may mistakenly intake the trash and think of it as their food. It is one of the reasons why 2 giraffes died in 2004 due to consumption of plastics.

The comfort rooms doesn’t provide any comfort at all for it smells odd and unpleasant. The facilities for the people visiting the park itself is not maintained efficiently and neatly, what more the cages or the places where the animals live for the rest of their lives. The manila zoo admitted that they have limited funds in improving their facility, and one of which is the shelter of an elephant, named Maali. The handler of Maali wants to transfer her to Thailand, in an elephant shelter for the proper care that she needs, but the Philippine government refuses to do so despite of the thousand signature for the petition to transfer her for she is in old age and is prone to sickness. Jana Sevilla, a PETA campaigner, said, “Many elephant experts agree that keeping a female elephant alone in a zoo is the most cruel thing that you can do to them.”

We recommend the Manila City Government to fund the rehabilitation of this wildlife park, for this not only gives the Filipinos the knowledge about the what’s inside like the different animals and plants living in there, but it also helps preserve and lessen the extinction possibilities of the wildlife. If the administration doesn’t want to transfer them, then they should give them the adequate needs and care they deserve to have in order prolong their lives. Hence, if the said issues weren’t prevented as early as today, there would be a huge possibility that the people would be discouraged from going there and the chances of gaining new information would decrease.   Also, chances are, the creatures might be gone soon because of the effects brought by issues on trashes and the poor quality of treatment they receive.


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