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Morgan Redfern has run 'Cool Beans Cafe' for two years now at the Mangawhai Activity Zone. Not only did he make coffee, smoothies and cakes but he also immersed himself into the community that is made up of all of us who frequent M.A.Z. He is a friend to many of us, but maybe most importantly to the children and teenagers who frequent the skatepark, basketball courts and mountain bike tracks on a daily basis. Being a skateboarder himself he has a vested interest in the success of M.A.Z, only adding fuel to his engine when it comes to raising money and awareness for M.A.Z. Morgan once had very long dread locks, not any more though after June 5th 2018 when he decided to have them shaved off to raise money for the space. Almost $1,500 was collected by M.A.Z through this effort. Morgan also started up the Sunday markets which run for half the day, every Sunday and bring a very large and ever growing crowd of people to the area while of course raising money. His efforts have been bigger than most people's and all for the right reasons.

The menu at Cool Beans cafe has always been mostly dairy free. Dairy free smoothies, dairy free ice-cream, dairy free cakes. In the month of July, Morgan made the mooove to remove dairy milk from his coffees, instead offering over 5 different plant based milk options. His contract to keep Cool Beans running at M.A.Z is now up for renewal and M.A.Z have sadly declined his application unless he agrees to serve a product which he is ultimately not comfortable in serving and is not a part of his vision when it comes to the business that he runs (dairy milk). M.A.Z have chosen to ignore the long list of help, positive impacts and awareness that Morgan has provided them solely to cater for their own moral outlook on a subject that has no bearing or significant consequence on what the purpose of M.A.Z is supposed to be.

We, the community of Mangawhai, those of us who use M.A.Z's facilities every day or every weekend, those of us who's kids thrive in this space and those of us who have donated our money, time, resources, knowledge and vision to M.A.Z strongly disagree with this decision to remove Morgan from the area and would like Mangawhai Activity Zones committee to reverse this poor decision.