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Stray Animals Must Be Domesticated

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Stray animals have been known to cause lot of damage to human lives. They have been the sources to lot of diseases like rabies and also are the cause for many accidents at the highways and streets. Many rules were passed to control population of stray dogs. But always there was a defeat of Government as people agitated claiming it to be violence to animals. But to conserve or protect the wildlife, it's not necessary to let animals roam on the streets being the source of threat to human lives. By letting them roam on the streets neither stray animals get benefit, nor humans are risk free. They feed on garbage which might contain toxic substances like plastic which are threat to stray animals themselves and they also make the streets messy by which diseases spread. Every year, more than 15 million people are treated with a post-bite rabies vaccination, while 55,000 people die of rabies. I have seen people who met with accident due to stray animals. Result is that both the animal and the human recieve harm. They must be taken proper care and a specific place should be made for their protection.

If tigers and lions are to be consereved, they are not let free in the streets. Instead there are sanctuaries to protect them. So, in case of stray animals, they must be first domesticated, and birth control methods should be imposed on them to control their population and also they must be regularly vaccined. This might help the stray animals lead a better life and also threat to human lives would reduce.

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