Polythene bags must be banned!

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Dear Sir/Ma'am ,

Our government should make a very strict rule on the consumption of polythene , we should also aware about how polythene is unbalancing our environment , as this has already completely banned in Maharashtra and Two days ago I read in newspaper that Bengaluru announced a complete ban (gazette notification) that polyethylene bags is not allowed in any shops except plastic for export, packaging materials for use in forestry, milk packets and hospitals.

1) When polythene is burned it produces many harmful gases which cause air pollution and when we breathe, it affects our respiratory system.

2) polythene is non-biodegradable. It takes many years in degradation which causes soil pollution and result is that fertility of the soil is decreased.

3) Many peoples after using polythene they throw it and when these polythene bags consumed or eat by the animal such as cow, dog. It causes cancer.

As you know our hill station are filled with polythene and causing huge pollution.

If we want to save our upcoming generations from repercussions of polythene products then its very high time to ban this otherwise we will be too late.