Decision Maker Response

Maneka Gandhi’s response

Apr 25, 2018 — Dear people,

We are at a crucial juncture where the President has given consent for a historic ordinance for stringent punishment for perpetrators of sexual violence against girls. There shall be no tolerance of any form of sexual violence against children and all criminals will be dealt with severe action.

My Ministry has always taken proactive steps to address different issues concerning child safety. In February 2018, we announced that we will consider measures to help adult survivors of child sexual abuse to report their abusers. Another much neglected sphere of child sexual abuse is male survivors. Child sexual abuse is gender neutral. Boys who are sexually abused as children spend a lifetime of silence because of the stigma and shame attached to male survivors speaking out. It is a serious problem and needs to be addressed.

After Insia Dariwala's petition on male survivors of CSA was brought to my notice in September 2017, I had instructed the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights to look into the issue of male survivors.

Following a few meetings, the Chairperson of NCPCR, Ms Stuti Kacker, organised a conference on International Child Rights Day in November 2017, to form a core team to brainstorm, and come up with solutions on tackling Male Child Sexual Abuse.

As per a recommendations that emerged from the conference, it was unanimously decided that there should be an amendment in the existing scheme for victims of CSA, to also include compensation for boys who have been sexually abused or raped.

During this conference, it was also brought to our notice that Insia had conducted preliminary research with 160 male survivors of sexual abuse, and her study brought out some disturbing insights, including a possible corelation between unresolved sexual trauma on boys, and increasing violence on women and children.

Based on this study, the NCPCR has decided to invite Insia, with due support from Adrian Philips of Justice and Care, to conduct a larger study on male survivors of child sexual abuse, starting with Observation Homes, and Special Needs Homes.

The NCPCR is organising a follow up conference on the same issue this week and will continue efforts to arrive at holistic solutions to different facets of child sexual abuse.

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Thank you,

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
Union Minister For Women and Child Development