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We the undersigned, believe that Manchester United's board should and can morally make the decision to change the name of the The East Stand/K-Stand of Old Trafford to, "The Jimmy Murphy Stand". In honour and respect of the Man who kept Our Red Flag flying high during our Clubs darkest days. Jimmy was like many others within the club an unsung hero who never gave up, who challenged people who thought we would never rise again. A man who Sir Matt Busby and our players and staff trusted and looked up to through wartime and peacetime. When our club was on its knees. A man with honour and Manchester United running through his veins. A man worthy of such an accolade.

We, as supporters of the biggest and richest Football Club in the World are often told that the supporters are the lifeblood of our and any Club and therefore Your "12th Man" is asking you the custodians of our Club to do the decent thing and sign this off on behalf of the board, the fans, and most of all Jimmy's Family legacy. #MakeJimmyMurphyProud Is doable, if the will is there. Prove to the world that Manchester United FC still has the ear of its supporters. "Because how we are in the future will be founded in the way you behave today". And you have before you the wishes of the people to make that decision. Jimmy Murphy wouldn't let this Club down, and neither will we. Manchester United FC do decent thing and make this happen.