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Introduce 'All Gender' toilets into all MMU buildings

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"81% of the participants of the Trans Mental Health Study (McNeil et al 2012) said that they avoided certain situations due to fear of negative interactions. Of these, over 50% avoided public toilets and gyms and 25% avoided clothing shops, other leisure facilities, clubs or social groups. 51% of the participants worried that they would have to avoid social situations or places in the future due to fear of being harassed, read as trans, or being outed." (Research Study into the Trans Population of Manchester, conducted by Manchester City Council)

However, Manchester has very few gender-neutral toilets in public spaces, with exception of Manchester’s Gay Village.

MMU currently has 2 ‘All-Gender’ toilets on the city centre campus, however I believe it should have a campus-wide introduction, into all University buildings.

With the whole debate for ‘Gender X’, which is an unspecified gender category, to be added to government documentation, currently under proceedings in the High Court, the time is now to start a pioneering step in inclusive equality for all members of the University, whether staff, student, or visitor.

In an interview with The Telegraph, trans male, Lewis Hancox, 26, said: "It was always a struggle of not knowing what toilets to go to. Before I’d even started to transition, I’d go into the women’s looking like a guy and they’d be like, ‘get out.’ When I decided I wanted to transition, it was a really big deal using the gents for the first time.” 

With help of Student Union vice-president of Lancaster University, and proud trans woman, Anna Lee, Lancaster University have agreed to add a self-contained cubicle in all new builds, for Gender X students.

Let’s start the gender revolution! #peequality

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