Wheel Of Misfortune - Fighting for cleaner streets for wheelchair users & cyclists

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#WheelofMisfortune is a campaign that hopes to raise awareness about the negative effect shattered glasses on the streets and sidewalks of Manchester can have on wheelchair and bicycle users.

As fly-tipping has increased significantly over the last three years, it is not unusual for residents to find household objects in the sidewalk of Manchester. Sofas, broken tables and unwanted items can be found in different areas.

However, what about the large amount of shattered glass on every corner of the streets that no one seems to be talking about? The beer bottles scattered around the city either by being abandoned by the roadside or even worse, broken into tiny pieces can be an obstacle to users of wheelchairs and bicycles. 

this can often cause punctures and flat tyres which can end up costing hundreds of pounds in replacement costs. 

Sign this petition to persuade the City Council to place stickers in various areas of the city with the words #Don’tBreakItBinIt as this will raise awareness and force people to think how their actions on a night out might affect someone’s day negatively.

You can visit Wheel of Misfortune for more information and learn more about the issue. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more regular updates.