Shut down Manchester Pets & Aquatics

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Disgusting conditions. Cramped enclosures. Dehydration. Disease and infestation. Stress and boredom. Poor advice.

This is Manchester Pets & Aquatics on 66 Stockport Rd, M12 6AL. It's a deplorable prison for mistreated pets of all kinds. With the exotic pet trade continuing to boom and demand for the weird and wonderful higher than ever - we have to set standards for the well-being of every poor creature ever locked into a cage or tank.

Puppies and kittens left in sub-par conditions with little information as to where they came from, no papers, no clean water and left alone to suffer.

Manchester Pets & Aquatics represent everything that is wrong with the exotic pet trade. They do not care about their animals, but WE DO. Look at the evidence (photos, Google & Yell reviews or even visit but be prepared to get disturbed) and see it all for yourself. What Manchester Pets & Aquatics do is completely unacceptable and it's time for them to step up or shut down.