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Remove Mamata Banerjee's name from its list of influential people

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Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal India is slowly unleashing a tyrannical rule in the state known for the freedom of expression of the intelligentsia and for the high position of women in society. Despite being a woman she has callously labelled two incidents of rape as fabricated and as a conspiracy of the opposition. Not only that when Damayanti Sen, the first woman to head Kolkata's crime branch cracked the rape case, she was unceremoniously transferred to a position of lesser responsibility. Mamata Banerjee is also using her chief ministerial power to curb freedom of expression among the educated class. She has gone so far as to send her goons to bash up a 50 year old professor, Prof Ambikesh Mahapatra of Jadavpur University, who had circulated a harmless caricature of the chief minister. Even Mahapatra's neighbour, a 75 year old man, who was allegedly 'guilty' of looking on as the e-mail was forwarded was not spared thrashing by the goons. Mamata Banerjee has been defending all these actions very brazenly in the name of upholding the respectability of the government and calling any public dissent a 'conspiracy by the opposition'. She has also ordered the Criminal Investigation Department of Bengal to retrieve IP addresses of all those who had posted her cartoons on Facebook. What more, she has also instructed her party members not to keep any sort of social contact with members of the opposition. We, as members of the Bengali society, take pride in the respect we accord to women, to the elderly, and to the educated. Ironically, this woman chief minister of West Bengal symbolises nothing of all that. On the contrary, she is a tyrannical, insecure and egotistic female who is using all her power to crush any voice that is raised. Amid such an uproar in West Bengal, it remains a mystery why TIME chooses to select Mamata, the very personification of what all a leader should not be, as one of the most influential people and puts her on the same page as great people like Anjali Gopalan and Salman Khan.

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