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Justice to Empire City Owners

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Like many investment oriented Malaysians, i've always wanted to own a property in Damansara as i strongly believe that owning a commercial property would at least lead to the betterment of my life. On 2011 when i was surveying for a property, i came to learn about Empire City. The layout of the Development plans of the project was indeed promising and it's plans to complete by end of 2014, which is before the 2017 Sea Games was even more appealing.  After going through some deep thoughts, I made the decision to take that leap of faith and forked my hard earned money of RM 22K as deposit to purchase a unit in Block M of the Empire City Development Project. Little that i know that i was actually falling into this huge property trap...

Fast forward to the present, the development of the Empire City project has already overdue by almost 3 years now. Besides that, there are so many things in this country that are so wrong when it comes to buying commercial property. Things like: 

a) How is it a Developer is able to issue a Vacant Possession (VP) letter to the owners if the development of the Empire City property has not been completed ?

b) Even when i received my VP, i neither am able to move in to my property unit nor renting it out to tenants as the unit is still yet to be completed and Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) hasn't been issued. Again, my sanity is questioning why the Panel Banks and Town Councils could allow VP to be issued by the developer ?  

c) How is it the Panel Banks can issue the final payments to the developer when the developer is not even adhering to the construction schedules?

d) Isn't the Petaling Jaya City Council is supposed to be responsible to scrutinize construction & development works within it's territory ? With all the coverage on newspapers and Alternative media , is the relevant enforcement agencies asleep or corrupted ? 

Of course i knew that i was not the only victim here. So i started doing some research on Google & Facebook to understand more about Mammoth Empire and later also found out another depressing news where by some of the Empire City Owners are also Owners of Empire Remix, which is already known as a failed project. But what's even more concerning is that the Developer is somehow "protected" by the LAWS of Malaysia in commercial property buying when there were some owners who tried to file a suit against the developer was turned down by the Justice System that suppose to protect the rights of the consumers in this country. To make things worse, there were half baked lawyers who tried to take advantage on the owner's peril by making promises that they can win the case for the owners if they file the suit against the developer.   

After 3 years of waiting for my keys to my unit, i've decided to start off with submitting a petition to gain supports from fellow owners of the Empire City Project and other owners from various property developments of Mammoth Empire, Petaling Jaya City Council, Enforcement agencies and also fellow politicians who are willing to fight alongside for the owners who fell victim in hopes that Mammoth Empire and Dato Danny JY Cheah would be committed on the following:       

1. Complete the long delayed developments (Structural, Interior and Exterior) of all 12 blocks in Empire City Project. 

2. Expedite the release of CCC to all 12 blocks of Empire City. 

3. Fair Compensation to all Owners of the 12 blocks of Empire City.  

Yes.... i maybe naive or perceived as an attention seeker by submitting this petition. But if it's something that can put pressure to Mammoth Empire to be on their toes, i don't mind to do it even at the slightest effect. 

Last but not least, i truly hope more owners will be united in supporting this. Thank you ~








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