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Started by Jasmin Flaherty


Over 16,000 whales have been killed & slaughtered every year for a consecutive 83 years in a total of 1,328,000 getting killed in that short amount of time! And that’s just them 83 years out of the thousands of years it has been occurring. 


Japan 2016, 333 minke whales killed and 230 of them whales were females & 90% of the females were pregnant at the time all for what? Some meat?


When it comes to the environment & the oceans ecosystem whales help regulate the flow of food and helping maintain a stable food chain and ensuring some animal species don’t overpopulate the ocean. 


Our humans are killing these beautiful large  peaceful sea creatures to make profit off the meat & oil that they carry. 


As humans we need to step up and help the ones who don’t have a voice! 



608 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!