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STOP putting fluoride & fluorine into Australian water supplies.

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"Melbourne Water adds less than 1 milligram of fluoride a litre to the water supply to help prevent tooth decay, a Melbourne Water spokesman said, and adding fluoride to drinking water was required by Victoria's health laws. A spokesman for Victoria's Department of Health said fluoride was safe and effective.Feb 17, 2014"

Fluoride is added to 70% of Australian water supplies.  The 30% who do not have it are lucky because they have choice.  They can choose to use fluoride toothpaste or not.  The majority of Australians have NO choice.  The fluoride gets into to our whole food system, we bath in it, and we drink it.  Only elaborate 5 stage water filters or regular use of clean bottled water will give you some protection from the fluoride.

We want clean water without the added toxic chemicals.

To help understand the links between fluoride and health issues such as weaker bones, & thyroid gland suppression. Please view this video.

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