Stop .AU it's a cash grab that will hurt business

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The Australian Domain Administrator is implementing .AU, the biggest change to Australia's Internet in 30 years and most business owners don't know. This will mean you can register as well as . It will cost Aussie business literally 100 of millions of dollars in fees & cyber-security issues and there is no benefit to doing it, except for those selling them.

My business will make money from it but it's businesses like yours that will have to pay for it and you will see NO BENEFIT. People who sell domain names and lawyers that specialise in domain name law are the big winners. 

There is no business case for it's implementation or any demand from business, which is the largest group of domain name owners. They have not been consulted.

  • Businesses will feel compelled to register for brand protection.
  • Some businesses will miss out or have to pay a premium to a cybersquatter or lose their brand. 
  • Those with names will have them devalued with competing domains
  • Increased confusion in the marketplace for consumers. Currently they know is for business, is for schools and is Govt. They won't know what .au which will result in lower click through rates if a business uses them. 
  • Increased cyber-security risks for business through email address confusion resulting in data loss.
  • Increase risks of cybercrime targeting end consumers with fake phishing sites like or

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How I explained it to my Mum.

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Ed Husic in Parliament last week . entary_Business/Hansard/ Hansard_Display?bid=chamber% 2Fhansardr%2F1963dd3e-8342- 44db-b50f-1d6db3e212ef%2F&sid= 0067

 Podcast 2 days ago with myself & Josh Rowe of RealAs, former board Director of AUDA